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USE LESS PRODUCT, SAVE MORE MONEY: No more waste! A foundation sponge that preserves your valuable makeup products so you can use them for a longer period of timethis silicone makeup sponge doesn’t soak in your precious cosmetic products.
DUAL-SIDED DESIGN TO REACH ALL FACIAL AREAS: The ROUNDED SIDE is ideal to blend large areas of the face, cover blemishes and imperfections and while the POINTED SIDE is perfect to contour around the eyes and nose (unlike most other silicone sponges on the market!)
EASY TO CLEAN: It takes no effort to clean this beauty spongesimply rub with a little soap or your favorite cleanser and rinse with some lukewarm water, and it’s as good as new again!
A MUST-HAVE FOR YOUR MAKE-UP ROUTINE: This game changer is the perfect addition to your beauty blender routine. Compare to Molly Cosmetics SiliSponge.

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