Carl A1 DT638 hwm ntawv Trimmer

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    25th of September 2015 ntawm 6:41 PM

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Yam khoom Specifics
Kev mob Tshiab
Hom Carl
Rov qab los Txais
Hauj lwm lawm

The Carl DT Series A1 Rotary Trimmer, 960hli, DT-638 is easy to use with automatic clamping. Precision crafted circular blade cuts against a ground steel edge. CMetric graduations and paper sizes on cutting table. Lightweight and easy to carry. Cuts up to eight sheets.

Carl A1 Rotary Trimmer Description:

General purpose premium A1 Paper Trimmer ideal for professional or commercial use best suited for use in photogrpahic, advertising or marketing.
Complete with a precision crafted circular blade that cuts against a ground steel edge. The DT-Series Paper Trimmers allows for a straight cut only.
Features durable sturdy base manufactured from plastic and steel components, ruled cutting table with paper sizes and metric measurements.
Easy to use design features automatic paper clamp action which holds the paper in place as the cutting proceeds, clear plastic holder clamp allows the user to easily adjust the paper prior to cutting.
DT-Series Paper Trimmers designed for general purpose home, office, school or commercial useavailable in a full range of sizes from A4 right up to A0.

Carl A1 Paper Trimmer Specifications:

Hom: Carl
Model: DT638
Style: A1 Premium Paper Trimmer
Cutting Capacity: 6 sheets 80gsm
Cutting Length: 960hli

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