3x wazi LCD Walinzi ngao Screen Mlinzi Film KWA Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500

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    19th of September 2015 katika 6:14 Alasiri

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Condision:100% Brand New.Designed for perfect fit with the LCD screen.
Protect your phone front LCD screen against dust and scratches and eliminate glare.
Offers tough, durable, transparent surface while keeping the LCD screen clean and unscratched.
Attaches smoothly with self-adhering surface; leaves no residue when removed.

Instructions for 4 layers Screen Protectors:
1. Thoroughly Clean your screen.
2. Peel back the layer labeled “1” an inch or so, apply guard starting at one side of your screen.
3. Using a credit card, or similar, smooth out bubbles as you lay down the guard on the screen.
4. Slowly Remove layer labeled “2” and you’re done!

Paket Included:

3pcs * Front Screen Protector (WITHOUT Retail BOX), NOT Included mobile phone.
3pcs* Cleaning Cloth

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