100ml REJUVINATOR ROLLER gyllideb, GLANHAWR Papur plygu inseterter folder beiriant

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    16th of November 2015 yn 11:21 AC

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100ml ROLLER REJUVINATOR / CLEANER for Paper folding machine & folder inserter

Roller rejuvinator / cleaner for rubber rollers in paper folding machines and folder inserters as well as other friction feed, rubber roller paper feeding systems.

This auction is for a consumable product NOT a machine.
If you want to buy a folding machine see our range here.

This cleaner/ rejuvenator has 2 important uses:
1.Cleans of paper dust, which can cause rubber rollers to slip on paper causing creasing.
2.Rejuvenates rollers keeping rubber soft and grippy.
This both improves performance and life of the rollers.
Easy to use, rejuvenate AFTER the machine has had heavy use, generously ripe all accessible rubber rollers and leave to evaporate in.
100 ml, does not include J cloth for application

This rubber roller rejuvenator can also for used for cleaning / rejuvenating other applications, where rubber feed rollers are used ie printers, booklet staplers, folder inserters etc.

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